John Rose Stewart J26407

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John Rose Stewart John Rose Stewart

438 Squadron

Flying Officer John Rose Stewart was a pilot with 438 Squadron.

April 16, 1945, from an RCAF Press Release: "F/O John R. Stewart remarked, "I saw only two bombs in our section that didn't actually cut tracks. Just about everybody had a crack at one piece of motor transport or another on the way home." This was in connection to an attack on "one long freight train, apparently carrying tanks on flat cars near the centre and supplies in the closed wagons" which were left burning from cannon fire. "It had stopped beside a woods near a camouflaged station. Several motor vehicles were damaged on adjacent roads as the squadron returned home."

April 19, 1945, he took some hits, then landed at B.110 with only five gallons left in his Typhoon's fuel tanks. He was mentioned in an RCAF Press Release: "Flying Officer John Stewart, 640 King Street, London, Ontario, landed his aircraft just as the last few drops of petrol ran out of the two perforated nose tanks."