Maurice Michaud

Unknown - Unknown

438 Squadron

PRESS RELEASE dated December 26, 1944

Gloriously filling a corner in a tiny, handmade shack of this Typhoon airfield is the Christmas tree, which symbolizes home to six residents of Montréal. They are the occupants of the cabin, and they pooled several days paid to purchase beautiful decorations for the tree. They have saved their parcels from home for the past month, just to open them beneath this tree. From neighboring cabins, which are the winter quarters of the airmen on this advanced airfield came a steady trickle of visitors, who looked at the tree, most of them silently, for long minutes.

“You see all of us always had a big Christmas tree at home. We all felt it would be a little more like home in the shack if we had one here too. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” commented LAC Roland Desnauliere, Montreal, who shopped for the decorations in Brussels shops.

Other members of the section are LAC Maurice Michaud, LAC George Baudette, LAD Bill Hamelin, LAC Yves Brousseau, and LAC Fernand Duquette, all of Montreal.