Alastair C. McBride J85728

Unknown - Unknown

439 Squadron

Flying Officer Alastair McBride, from Kingston, Ontario, was part of 439 Squadron.

In a press release of January 23, 1943, he was quoted as saying, "Well, it was red hot bombing and I'll bet those Jerries got a shaking up," when he and other Typhoon pilots dive bombed a fortified factory east of Heinsburg, north of Aachen, in support of British troops January 22, 1943.

In an RCAF Press release dated March 23, 1945: "F/O Alastair McBride ,, 129 Colborne Street, Kingston, Ontario, reported: 'Davis told me to take my section down on some good vans. I took one set and got a direct hit on two of them and got the tracks at the same time and the three other lads got another couple.' F/L James Gray, San Antonio, Texas said, 'You might say we've been working on the railroad today.'"

Refer to Typhoon and Tempest by Hugh Halliday, for more information.