Elton Lascelles Dixon J29073

January 27, 1922 - February 20, 1944

Elton Lascelles Dixon Elton Lascelles Dixon Elton Lascelles Dixon Elton Lascelles Dixon Elton Lascelles Dixon Elton Lascelles Dixon Elton Lascelles Dixon

439 Squadron

The following information is courtesy of Mike, webmaster of 439 Squadron's website.

Elton Lascelles Dixon was born in Calcutta, where his father (Canon L.A. Dixon) spent 19 years in Y.M.C.A. Missionary work. His mother was Margaret Helmer Dixon. Coming to Canada at the age of 10, Elton Dixon attended public and high school in Orillia, Ontario and matriculated from Ridley college. When he enlisted he was in his second year in medicine at the University of Toronto. At Ridley, he played on the championship rugby team in the Little Big Four League. He was also a member of the cricket team and in 1938 he won the school's five mile cross country race.

F/O Elton L. Dixon graduated as a pilot at the head of his class from the Brantford Flying School. (For more training information, see photos above.) He was at Debert, Nova Scotia until going overseas in December 1943.

The following entry is from 439's War Operations Record Book (Form 540): "This is indeed a sad day for all of us. F/O E.L. Dixon (J20973) of Toronto, crashed into a hillside near Cumnoch at approximately 1135 hours in Typhoon 8971 and was killed. 'Dix' was number 3 man in a three plane formation. Visibility being poor, he lost (sight of) them. Thinking they had climbed, he went through the overcast, and not being able to find them, asked for a homing. He struck the hill [Benty Cowan Hill, Brochloch Farm] while coming in on his homing through the clouds. His ability as an organizer and leader will be missed greatly and with everyone, his popularity could not be exceeded."