James Albert Brown

J28760 (P/O & F/O)

R112641 (Sgt & F/Sgt)

James Brown

439 Squadron

Flying Officer James A. Brown, from Berwyn, Alberta, flew Typhoon MN345. He was hit by flak over Deventer, in Holland on 06-11-1944, time: 11h10. He was able to bail out by parachute, but was captured and became a prisoner of war.

From the 439 Squadron Diaries: 'On a morning show J.28760 F/O J.A. Brown, one of our old timers failed to return. It is presumed that he had gone in onto the target a little too low and that he got a blast from his own bombs as he was pulling up. The aircraft was streaming glycol, but F/O Brown set a southerly course for Allied territory.'