Denning Edward Waller J24166

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Denning Waller Denning Waller Denning Waller

440 Squadron

F/L Denning Edward Waller, known as "Fats" was a member of 440 Squadron by May 1945. He was from Vancouver, BC. He made the newspapers a few times. See above.

In an RCAF Press Release from April 1945: "At the same time as this attack [on one long freight train] was in progress, the City of Ottawa squadron bombed three sections out of the Bremen-Weser Munde mainline five miles southeast of the sea, and slightly north of the scene of an attack two days ago. The squadron then scored 16 hits on the tracks, but F/O Denning Waller (3185 W14th Avenue) Vancouver, observed most of the cuts had since been repaired. This was an indication of how vital the enemy considers the one from Bremen to the coast."

He married Audrie Newell in August 1950. Denning Waller became a dentist, then the President of the BC Dental Association. He had his practice in Prince George, BC.

Harry Hardy said Denning was a very tall man, over six feet and skinny, and this is how he got his nickname.