H. T. C. Taylor

Unknown - Unknown

440 Squadron

From Bill Clifford's collection, Taylor was noted as being part of 440 Squadron. Taylor was from St. Catharines, Ontario.

In an RCAF Press Release dated March 23 1945: "At least a dozen sections were blown out of Germany's vital railways between Munster and the Rhine by Typhoon fighter bombers who also caused havoc in the packed marshalling yards at Winterowisk from this advanced airfield as the RAF continued its devastating attacks against troop concentrations and transport along the river. They destroyed 20 of the 100 goods vans there and their bombs tore up trackage at the same time. F/L H. T. C. Taylor observed Squadron Leader Robert Coffey, Green View, Illinois, precisely cut four tracks with his bomb load by scoring a direct hit on double rail lines northwest of Munster."