Hubert Wesley Hollingsworth J12064

1917 (Approximate) - February 14, 1987

H. W. Hollingsworth H. W. Hollingsworth H. W. Hollingsworth H. W. Hollingsworth

440 Squadron

Hubert W. Hollingsworth was a pilot with 440 Squadron during the Second World War. Flight Lieutenant Hubert Hollings of North Odessa, Ontario was with 440 Squadron. He is mentioned in a press release dated February 9, 1945. Prior to joining the squadron, he had been a staff pilot in Canada.

Hollingsworth received his wings at 2 SFTS Uplands on 5 June 1942. (Text for photo: 5 June 1942 #2 S.F.T.S. Uplands Ontario, Wing Presentation, LAC H.W. Hollingsworth, Odessa, Ont. receives wings from the Governor General the Earl of Athlone.)

He was posted to 440 Squadron effective 8 February 1945. Last flight in Operation Record Book: 16 April 1945.