Robert Prescott Pearson J22451

Unknown - Unknown

Preston Pearson

440 Squadron

Prescott Pearson was a pilot with 440 Squadron. In the February 24, 1939 issue of the Edmonton Journal, he is noted to be part of the Camrose Ski Club. There is a note of a Prescott Pearson who was a teacher during 1940. On April 12, 1945, he is mentioned in a newspaper article being involved in a Typhoon operation.

NCO SN R/76750 (Sgt, FSgt, WO2). Commissioned on 6 Nov 1942 (PO, FO, FL) SN J22451. His first op with 440 was on 11 Feb 1945 and he flew regularly on ops. Pearson was posted out to 421 Sqn on 22 July 1945.