Raymond Ernest Collis C24855

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Raymond Ernest Collis Raymond Ernest Collis

440 Squadron

F/O Raymond Ernest Collis was a member of 440 Squadron during the Second World War. He was an Engineering Officer and was one of the witnesses in July 1944 at the Court of Inquiry of the crash of 440 McConvey.

PL-31058 UK-13339 04/08/44 440 SQN Ground crews of the City of Ottawa "Beaver"squadron are given up to the minute army developments on the fighting front by Captain George Carter, Bury st Edmunds, Sufolk, and air liaison officer with the advanced airfield. Captain Carter points out the moving line on the map. On the opposite side of the jeep is F/O Ray Collis, 2036 Clifton Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, the squadron's engineering officer while the airmen press around the better to view the map. Beside him is S/L Pentland, CO of the Squadron. (He’s the one wearing the cap & glasses.)