Cyril Lester Bolster C7441

March 28, 1919 - March 29, 1943

Cyril Lester Bolster Cyril Lester Bolster Cyril Lester Bolster Cyril Lester Bolster

RAF 1 Squadron

Cyril Lester Bolster was born on March 28, 1919 in Regina, Saskatchewan, residing in Cupar, Saskatchewan, as a farm labourer on his father's farm. [He did not have a definite idea of what he wanted to do after the war.] He was the son of Henry Groves [born in India] and Agnes Bolster [born in England], later of Royal Oak/Mr. Lehman, British Columbia, outside of Victoria. He also had one older brother [Arthur Henry O'Brien Bolster, 18th Battery, 2nd Anti-tank Reg. RCA, Cdn Army Overseas]and one older sister [Agnes Rose Bolster, of Regina, SK].

Bolster stood 5'8" tall and weighed 158 pounds. He had blue eyes and brown hair. He enjoyed softball, tennis, golf and swimming and listed hockey and shooting as sports he did occasionally. No hobbies.