James William Bromley Reynolds J15356

September 10, 1921 - May 4, 1943

James William Bromley Reynolds James William Bromley Reynolds James William Bromley Reynolds James William Bromley Reynolds James William Bromley Reynolds James William Bromley Reynolds James William Bromley Reynolds

RAF 174 & 32 Squadrons

James William Bromley Reynolds was the son of James Leslie (lumber shipper/lumberman) and Marguerite J. (nee Bromley) Reynolds of Pembroke, Ontario. He had three brothers serving in the armed forces: Sgt. Leslie T. A. Reynolds, 28 years old, 123 Squadron, Debert, NS, Sgt. Harold G. Reynolds, 26 years old, POW in Germany, Sgt. John A. Reynolds, 19, RCAF at Halifax, and two sisters, Jessie, 24, and Marguerite 12, plus one brother, Edwards, 15, at home. The family was Anglican.

Reynolds was a bank clerk at the Royal Bank for nine months in 1939-1940, prior to enlistment in October 1940. He enjoyed rugby and basketball, listing amateur radio and aircraft as his hobbies. He was part of the Lanark and Renfrew Scottish, as a Private from June 25, 1937 to June 25, 1940.

"Wants pilot. Alert. Intelligent, pleasing personality. Should be good material." He stood 6' tall and weighed 142 pounds. He had green eyes and dark brown hair, with a dark complexion.

  • At No. 1 ITS, Toronto, March 18, 1941:"First in class of 37. 93%. Very enthusiastic, keen, young airman with plenty of dash. Has worked hard on his ITS Course and will continue to improve with service. Instills a high degree of confidence in his ability to make good. Second aircrew recommendation: Air Observer."
  • At No. 3 EFTS, London, April 10, 1941: "A smooth sensible type of pilot. Needs more practice on aerobatics. He is cautious and should be a fine pilot after a few more hours." GIS: "7 out of 31 in class. Average type of student. Conduct and deportment average."
  • At No. 1 SFTS, Camp Bordon, June 10, 1941: "Steady progress to make a steady pilot. Exceptional in navigation. Above average student. Discipline good. Appearance could be improved." He received his Wings on August 20, 1941
  • He was then sent to Halifax on August 22, 1941 where he was sent to the UK. He was at the RAF Trainees' Pool on September 14, 1941, then sent to 3 PRC two weeks later. On October 20, 1941, he was at 59 OTU and was sent to 32 Squadron on December 17, 1941 until March 10, 1942 when he was sent to 174 Squadron.

    On Reynolds, in Typhoon EK186, authorized himself to do aerobatics as Deputy Flight Commander. "By the nature of the distribution of the wreckage, there appears to have been a structural failure in the air involving the starboard wing and tail unit. There appears to have been no attempt by the pilot to use his parachute." Reynolds had 16 hours 40 minutes on the Typhoon aircraft, with the majority of his flying done on the Hurricane (243.45).

    Reynolds was awarded the DFC on September 10, 1942 on his 21st birthday "for his brilliant attacks on the enemy gun positions at the assault of Dieppe."

    The Reynolds family lost two of their four sons to the war. A third son was a POW. A special note of condolence from Buckingham Palace was issued.


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