R. C. Hayes

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R. C. Hayes R. C. Hayes R. C. Hayes R. C. Hayes R. C. Hayes R. C. Hayes R. C. Hayes R. C. Hayes R. C. Hayes

RAF 174 Squadron

R. C. Hayes was with 174 Squadron as is noted in this photo from November 1944, Warmwell. Courtesy of Julian Proddow whose father, Basil F. Proddow, was a pilot with 174 Squadron.

In Vancouver, BC area papers, an R. C. Hayes, of Agassiz, was noted as being a Wireless Operator in February 1943. Could this be the same man who could have remustered to pilot or in some other capacity later? A F/L R. C. Hayes of Chilliwack, 24 km distance from Agassiz, is noted as returning from overseas in January 1945. Included are all articles until his identity is confirmed.

The 14 APC photo was taken on 20 November 1944 at Warmwell. Back row, L-R, F/O J.M.Harbidge (NZ), Sgt E.Eatough, F/L B.Proddow (who had rejoined the squadron just 6 days earlier, following his enforced holiday on the Loire), F/O G.B.Chapman, P/O F.E.Wheeler, Lt J.Schlebusch (SA) on the nose, W/O W.F.Morley, F/O J.S.Kennon, W/O R.C.Hayes (Can), F/F K.C.Bodden (Jam), F/L G.I.Mallet. Middle row, L-R. F/O Jenkins (Adj), F/O H.Knight, W/O F.C.Johnson, F/L W.F.Freshwater *, n/k*, P/O P.Baden*, S/L Fricker*, F/L R.F.Sweeting, F/L D.T.N.Kelly, F/S R.B.T.Adams,. Front row, L-R, F/O J.Cleece, W/O J.J.B.Spencer, W/O W.J.Hodges, F/S D.V.Oram, W/O K.E.Love. All 174 Sqn except those marked with an asterisk who are believed to be 14 APC staff (certainly Baden and Fricker were).