James Cauldfield Holder J25779

April 1, 1922 - August 4, 1944

RAF 137 Squadron

Dean Jerome Washburn Lambros and Washburn Holder Holder Holder Holder

Enlisted April 30, 1943. Apprentice pharmacist prior to enlistment.

Only son of John Richard Holder, widower of Princeton, Ontario; lived with grandparents in Galt, Ontario. Considered pharmacy or becoming a doctor after the war. Read extensively about aeronautics.

Medical Officer's impressions of the candidate [Page 31 of PDF]:

February 18, 1942:

Performance [Page 62 of PDF]


  • Keen, alert, capable airman who assimilates instruction readily.
  • Has good appearance, is conscientious with fine Service spirit and deportment.
  • EFTS:



    Typhoon JR511 left base at 1605 on the 4th August 1944 to carry out a shipping reconnaissance off the Dutch Islands. After making two attacks on two coasters, P/O Holder was seen to go straight into the sea with apparently no attempt to pull out. This incident occurred at approximately 1635hours at the mouth of Oosterchelde, Holland. His body washed ashore on August 12, 1944 and buried on the 13th in the Parish Cemetery, Vlieland, Holland. [Page 20 and 21 of PDF}]

    Letter from a friend: [Page 161 of PDF] calling his friend, Jimmy.

    Telegram: [Page 175 of PDF]

    Mess Bills: [Pages 215 and 216]

    LINK TO PDF: central.bac-lac.gc.ca