Rod Davidge

1920 - February 21, 2015

Rod Davidge Rod Davidge

PDF, To Flight and Back

RAF 193 Squadron

From friend, Stan Swayze, June 2017: Rod Davidge and his boyhood friend, Bill Switzer, both from Edson, Alberta signed up to join the RCAF together. Both were with 193 Squdron. Rod had 132 operations, strafing and bombing radar towers, missile sites, transports, trains and bridges. I heard bits and pieces of his experiences. He would tell funny things! I was amazed when I read the 193 Squadron book and saw the stories in much more detail. The last month or so before he died, he was dreaming that he could feel the concussion of the shells. I asked him about his longest flight from England to France to skip bombs. The submarines gave him the worst flak he had ever seen. His partner was hit and captured.


Thank you to the Edson Museum for their permission to include Rod and Bill's stories on this website. Story written by Deanna Kroland and Madison Sharman