Roland Raymond Amey J20654

July 6, 1923 - November 20, 1943

Roland Raymond Amey Roland Raymond Amey Roland Raymond Amey Roland Raymond Amey Roland Raymond Amey Roland Raymond Amey Roland Raymond Amey

RAF 56 Squadron

Roland Raymond Amey was the son of John William Parsons and Amelia (nee Billard) Amey. He was the brother to Arthur, Olive, Ruth Mary, William Cecil, Ethel, Jean, Gerald and Gloria. They were from North Sydney, Nova Scotia and lived on Cornwall Street.

Amey worked for a short time in 1940-41, as a clerk at the Bank of Nova Scotia.

On a form dated February 18, 1942, it was noted that Amey had completed Grade 12 by age 16. "Worked as bank clerk year and half and then enlisted. Parents opposed as he is only 18. Seems somewhat immature and not very sure of himself. Education and intelligence average." F/L J. F. V. MacDonald

On September 16, 1941, at the recruiting centre in Halifax, NS, Amey was evaluated: "Excellent." He stood 5' 11" tall, 137 pounds and had blue eyes and brown hair. He was confident, upright, athletic, neat, slender, had clear speech, and was quick and deliberate in his speech. He was alert, confident and sincere. Hockey and baseball were noted as his preference for sports and he enjoyed photography and dancing. He was considered 'fine material' and was accepted into the RCAF on October 8, 1941.

He went to Halifax in early October, then to No. 1 Manning Depot in Toronto by November 6, 1941. From there he went to #9 R.D. St. John's, Quebec then to No. 3 ITS Victoriaville (91%). "Quiet. Clever. Sincere. Neat. Pleasant. Alternative recommendation: Observer." From there, he went to No. 21 EFTS, Chatham, Ontario (75.2%). "GIS: Quiet and conscientious, ability above average. Progress good. An average student, instrument flying is good. Steady type and should make an average twin engine pilot; a little slow to get started." At No. 8 SFTS Moncton, NB (69.2%), he earned his pilot's wings on November 5, 1942. "No serious faults. Satisfactory progress throughout. Link Trainer: 81."

He also had an accident in Moncton, in a Harvard -- ground loop, due to inexperience. "Plane started to swing to left, after landing. Applied opposite rudder without effect and did a ground loop."

Amey was sent overseas to the UK on December 18, 1942 and found himself at 17 (P) AFU by March 3, 1943. "A good average pilot with no outstanding faults. He should be fit to fly operational types at night without further dual after a period of qualifying day solo." He was then sent to 55 OTU on April 20, 1943. He spent time in Longtown, then was sent to 56 (Punjab) Squadron July 1943. In August 1943, he was at Martlesham Heath.

He was fatally injured at 4:40 pm on November 20, 1943 flying Typhoon 1B EK209 when he crashed at near Ipswich, Wittenshaw, Suffolk, while returning from a sortie over occupied France. F/L N. E. Hancock wrote his report. "On November 20, 1943, F/O R. R. Amey, flying as Blue4, in a formation of ten aircraft took off from Martlehsham Heath at 1530 hours to carry out a bombing operation at Audingham. The operation was successfully completed at 1600 hours and considerable AA fire was encountered over the target. F/O Amey at no time gave any indication that he had been hit and acknowledged a check R/T call given him by the leader of the formation, F/L B. L. H. Hawkins, over Manston on the way home stating he was in position. When the formation was over Ipswich at 1635 hours, FO Amey's engine was seen by Red 1 F/l T. W. R. Healy and P/O L. F. Woodhouse, to emit a cloud of white smoke and he disappeared below the remainder of the aircraft, which were turning to starboard above him. Later we were notified that his aircraft had crashed at Striblings Farm, Witnesham, Ipswich. F/O Amey was taken to the East Suffold Hospital, Ipswich." He died at 9:55 pm that night of multiple head injuries. He was identified by his identification discs. His funeral took place at 2:30 pm on November 25 at the Brookwood Cemetery, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey, England.

In a letter to Mr. Amey (see above), Amey was fondly known as "Moss".


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